Mechanized cable pulling winch2 nos.Diesel driven
Mechanised cable pulling winch1 no.Electric driven
Cable Steel Rollers150 nos.Straight Rollers with double ball bearings
Cable steel curve Rollers75 nos.Curve Rollers with double ball bearings
Cable drum stand3 setsUp to 25 MT, with suitable hydraulic Jacks
Cable Drum shaft3 nos.Suitable up to 25 MT Drum and 150mm dia. drum bore
Cable pulling steel rope with suitable stand2 nos.For cable pulling; 12 mm & 16 mm
Office portable Cabin1 no. 
Power operated rollers 5 nos.With synchronizing unit


Air conditioned metallic housing2 NosTo carry out EHV joints
Heating coil with control box4 NosFor pre-heating of joint work. With thermo couple control up to 200C
Cable straightening Aluminum Channel3 setsTo make cable straight after pre-heating.
‘C’ clamps9 Nos 
Torque wrench2 nos.Up to 70 lbs
Hand Crimping Tool2 nos.Up to 400 sq mm
Cable outer sheath cutter1 no.Up to 120 mm
XLPE polishing machine1 no. 
Adjustable Cable stand12 nos.Support for jointing work
Normal Hand tolls with aluminum box3 sets 
Industrial Gas torch with suitable hose3 setsFor shrinking of H.S tubes/plumbing ect


30 KV DC testing Kit1 no.Coduct high voltage test on HV Cables and sheath test on EHV cables
Megger Digital3 nos.1 Kv, 2.5 Kv, 5 Kv 
Clip on Meters1 nos. 
Earth Resistance Megger1 nos. 
Cable detector and tracker1 nos.Find out existing under ground cables before excavation